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Credits for the premise and characters of Assassin's Creed are given to Ubisoft and Gameloft. Banner and ACR themed graphics done by Mel.

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» Rules, site rules and regulataions
 Posted: Jan 9 2016, 09:41 PM
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01. Sub-account and OCC Here on ACR we have a sub-account process which allows each player to have one main account and several others to switch between. When registering, make sure you create an ooc account all in CAPITALS. Then make sure you sign up with it.
02 Rating This forum is rated M, violence is bound to occur, as is threads of a sexual nature. Please make sure you put M or R to make other players aware, for not everyone will want to witness your dirty deeds!
03 Language Strong Language is a given, however we do not want to see over use and consistent use. Remember to keep posts neat and tidy.
04 Characters Each player is allowed up to three characters, if the player wishes to apply for more an Admin will take into consideration the activity of the previous three characters. Each character must have at least two active threads.
05 Fandom Each player may have up to two characters from each fandom, However you cannot have two assassins or two Templars, you can have one of each. Providing each character does not have a great deal of involvement with the other.
06 Advertising This board is a guest friendly board, advertising is allowed in the designated area. Advertising in the Cbox, or Icc is not allowed and will be removed and account suspended. This also applies to Members.
07 ICC Each player can access the ICC, as soon as they have completed the application. you DO NOT have to be accepted to ICC. What happens in the ICC is different from IC RP, however the ICC will aid in plot ideas.
08 No Plagiarism Under no circumstances are you allowed to copy and paste from WIki or other sources. You are however allowed to use it for reference. If there is any sign of plagiarism within an app, it will be instantly denied. All work should be your own!
09 Bad Behaviour Here on ACR A player who displays poor behaviour will be given three warnings. This includes, any form of discrimination, racist behaviour and bullying. The first one will be a written message, the second would be a temporarily ban, the third your account will be deleted. We want this to remain a fun environment for everyone.


10 Registration You can now make your character account and link it under you ooc account by going onto my controls, under sub-accounts. When registering a new character name should appear like this; First Middle Last..
11 Reservation It is strongly suggested that you reserve your character, should anyone else decide to apply for the character. If you do not reserve your character, there is the chance of another playing may take it. You can reserve your character here
12 Application once registered, make sure you fill in the application and post it in the correct section. There an Admin will review you app. Bare with us though! it may take 2-3 days before your application is reviewed.


13 Posting You CANNOT post a IC thread or Join one, until your application has been accepted.
14 Wordcount there is a minimum of 300 words per post, be respectful of another players post. If a player has posted a 500 or more post, try not to post with a 200 worded reply.
15 Past Tense, Third Person Be sure each post is in third person his/her and that it is in the past tense.
16 Godmoding etc. When role playing make sure you do not dictate the actions of another player without asking their permission first. Remember your character is human so can get hurt. They are not completely untouchable.
17 Respect Respect each other, if someone tell yous something out of confidence, do not publicly share it for the world to see. Respect one another's privacy.
18 Requirement Each character you have must have at least posted 4 times a month in order to pass an Activity Check.
19 Re-Apping If your character learns something new/unique that dramatically alters their personality during IC threads, please be sure to re-app it in your application so an Admin may review it.
20 Templates This forum allows for DOHTML templates, we encourage you to make your posts pretty! however for those viewing on mobile devices we would suggest not to use, revolving pictures, or templates.


21 Avatar your avatar cannot be any bigger then 225X250 however this site does automatically re-size should you struggle.
22 Signature The maximum signature size is 500X450 and should be no bigger.

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