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Jan 10 2016, 06:40 PM

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<div class=lancef>I'm on the highway to hell</div>
<div class=lanceg>22 ▲ Assassin ▲ Cocky</div>
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<p>Information: Jacob, is your typical young adult. He's stubborn, sly, cocky and even arrogant. To him, nothing can scare him. He'll take everything in his stride, even the odd insult he'd wave off. However despite his obvious flaws he's extremely loyal to those close. </p>

<p>Lovers: Jacob, isn't the type to chase after female's or even court them at times. He's not the most romantic of individuals, but he is both charming and mysterious. As it stands, given the fact he's 22 years old he hasn't had that much experience with relationships as expected, however he is like any young adult keen to explore what woman have to offer. Although he is not looking for a relationship, does not mean he's opposed to the idea of one. Although.. commitment could be another issue. </p>

<p>Friends: Are not something Jacob lacks, he's a rather outspoken individual and can easily make friends. Some of his friends include Charles Darwin and Florence Nightingale, However he is extremely sarcastic, so he is a lot like marmite you either love him or hate him. Yet either way, if you befriend him he makes for a fierce ally and you can bet that he's got your back. In Pandora, he had no friends as of yet, so he could really use some allies.</p>

<p>Enemies: Due to his rather..strong personality. Much like the idea of making friends, it's rather easy for him to make enemies, purely because he may clash with another individual. Templars in general are a common enemy among Assassins, in Pandora Jacob has yet to cross anyone's path. I would quite like for him to have a true rival!</p>

<p>Plot Ideas: I would quite like Jacob to have a long term lover Or if not long term then at least a lover of sorts that proves a bit of a challenge for him. Perhaps they may clash of a few levels but it would make it all the more exciting for him.<br>
Although he's not short of Enemies I would quite like for him to have an enemy of sorts, maybe not one he'd kill so to speak but one that would lead to lots of insults being through back and forth, and the occasional battle?<br>
I would also like for him to have his group of Rooks those that he could potentially train?</p>

<div class="scredit"><a href="http://tinyurl.com/cttwskye">◆ </a><a href="http://tinyurl.com/shineskye">skye</a><a href="http://tinyurl.com/candylandskye"> ◆</a></div>

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<center><div class=lancer>Name || Name</div>
<div class=lances><p>Plotting stuff here.</p>


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<center><div class=lancer>Name || Name</div>
<div class=lances><p>Plotting stuff here.</p>
Jan 6 2016, 09:42 PM
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Sir Jacob Frye

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<td><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=44388"><div style="background-image:url(http://www.postavy.cz/foto/jacob-frye-foto.jpg); width:175px; height:175px;"></div></a></td><td><div style="width:5px;"></div><td><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
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<div class="adetails">

9 November 1847

<div class="adetails">

London Revolution

<div style="height:5px;"></div><div class="aapp">

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Personality<br>
Unlike your common assassin's whom are well disciplined and well mannered, Jacob is in fact the complete opposite. You could say he was some what of a 'bad boy', Jacob tends to do what he likes, when he wants to. Regardless of what others suggest or say. His general persona is one of sarcasm, and rebellion. He is quick to fire the odd comment here and there during a conversation, and somehow tends to make light of the most dangerous situations. His sarcasm is something that runs, rather deep and one trait that is the most noticeable. Some may find it hard to get along with, whilst others may enjoy his witty banter.<p>

Despite being a rather rebellious individual, he is also impulsive and reckless. He does not tend to think ahead on matters concerning friends or family, or the lives of an innocent. If something occurs, that he does not agree with then he will act in that moment and deal with the repercussions after. Despite his strict upbringing Jacob has developed a rather hot-tempered attitude towards all things Assassin related, He does not like to be undermined in any shape or form, nor does he like to follow orders as mentioned previously. Thereby almost breaking the creed's tenants unlike his sister. With that being said, due to the fact his father raised him and controlled most of his lifestyle, Jacob has grown to resent his father which would often lead to a sudden outburst at the very mention of his name.<p>

Jacob is a man of action, which again places him on a very different scale to his sister. He is one that would prefer to take action rather than adhere to the creed. Thus by creating many a disagreement between the twins, still despite the difference what he does, he does oh so very well, and almost always gets a result one way or another. On the other hand he is a proven leader, with such a charismatic sense of pride he is able to rally people around him and plan out strategic battle plans, deploying his people where needed all of whom would willing follow. He has even turned enemies into allies.<p>

Underneath his whole would be persona, Jacob enjoys having a laugh and would certainly make anything into a game given the chance. Yet he is still mindful of those involved, he would not harm innocents and would lesser their involvement if it were up to him. Thus proving that his morals, still remain in tact despite his boyish tenancies for he would still go out of his way to help those around him, should they require his aid.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font>Skills & Abilities<br>
Master Assassin, fierce leader and total jerk.. is only a few things Jacob has going for him. Along with his sister Evie both she and Jacob learnt all that they needed to become an assassin from their father. They learnt how to blend into their surroundings, as well as to stand out among a crowd. Other skills such as pick-pocketing, free climbing/running and hijacking carriages, were not something he was taught. Such skills were something he discovered, and perfected by himself at a young age.<p>

<u>Marksmanship and Melee Combat:</u><br>
Despite those acquired of his own initiative and discovery. Jacob trained, and learnt from his father. He learnt how to wield a knife or sword, as well as to handle various firearms. Thereby granting him with the unique ability and versatility to handle any manner of weapon. Again, although partly learnt through experience Jacob is somewhat of a notorious brawler. Much unlike his sister. He is proficient in general hand-to-hand combat, able to take down and tackle multiple opponents in one go.<p>

<u>Eagle Vision:</u><br>
Like any assassin, and a common skill it was said to be passed down through generations of assassins' all originating from one source. The First Civilization. Eagle vision acts as a sixth sense, allowing the assassin to detect allies from foes, and even detect a specific target. Jacob, unlike most other assassin's he has worked on and perfected this ability. It now allows him to detect an enemy from a distance and even see them through solid objects. He is also able to detect the heartbeat of a target, and even foresee a target's path, as well as one that has already been taken.<p>

However he does not see the specific characteristic of a target only the color in which they radiate (much like an aura). For example; Red is used to identify enemies or those who's blood could be shed and who have previously done so. Blue is used to identify allies, or innocents. Even pointing out hiding spots or notable objects. Gold, is used to identify an assassins main target. Allowing them to pin point them out of a crowd of many.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Equipment<br>
Due to the restriction of London's weapon system, Jacob has since then equipped himself with various items, concealed and at hand ready to be used whenever. Items include;<p>

<u>Brass Knuckle Duster:</u><br>
A small brass object that rests across his knuckles. Easily accessible, and allows for intense damage to be inflicted during hand-to-hand combat.<p>

<u>Updated Hidden Blade:</u><br>
A common weapon and an almost mandatory one among Assassin's. It has been passed down and developed on through many generations to keep up with the times, and appearances. Sheathed on the underside within a leather arm guard, is a sharp small blade, one that is drawn through the slightest action of the wrist. Atop the brace is a rope dart, allowing the user the ability to scale large buildings in a matter of moments. Second to this, is an changeable dart. One that can poison an enemy without detection.<p>

Cleverly concealed in the form of a gentleman's cane is a deadly weapon. Elegant in appearance with a golden eagles head atop it is a small, yet viscous weapon. With a serrated edge this blade allows the assassin to inflict yet more bloody damage.<p>

A single golden pistol in color is able to contain a round of seven bullets in one go. Which he is then able to shoot from a rage of one meter. However it does take up to several seconds to reload<p>


<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Role Play Sample<br>
Well.. that had been all to successful.. despite the shooting pains that shot through his body every step he made. Now came the question, did he stay here in London or did he dare to return home? there wasn't a great deal at home as it stood. Pausing he turned around to face London it's busy street's it's vast array of buildings. He couldn't leave! not where there was still so much more fun to be had. Besides, his people needed him.. maybe he'd train up an Assassin or two? hah! the idea seemed laughable, but certainly a challenge. He knew of one potential.. Jack. Although he had only met the boy briefly, The boy had potential. Still, first thing first..a stiff drink. Or two.. maybe three.<p>

With his hands on the side of the train, his foot of the ground, no sooner had it left the ground did something so quick, so sudden occur. His gaze grew blurred, before blackness filled his vision. All he could hear was the muffled call of his sister, before he dropped. So quick, so fast his stomach shot up into his throat. Within the briefest of moments the darkness passed and before him light. Bright, bright light. Spinning around in a circle he looked left and right. Nothing looked familiar. The buildings were tall, a lot taller then London, they were grey in color. Beneath him, the floor it's self was grey.<p>

"Oh, bloody hell" He shouted, almost stamping his foot in protest. This wasn't allowed! Looking around once more, there was a man several feet from him. Staring. Throwing his arms out to the side, Jacob made an almost aggressive false step towards the man before shouting. "Yes? can I help you?" He questioned the man before him, merely shook his head and scuttled of. Blowing out a long breath, Jacob placed his hands upon his hips. "Alright Evie! ha ha, you've had your fun I see what you've done, brilliant use of the dart! " He shouted. Well wasn't this some messed up vision and a half?. Letting out another breath he lifted his hand towards his hat. Removed it, briefly only to lay his hair flat, and re adjust the hat. "Well, I'm not standing here like a moron. Where can I get a decent drink in this place." he questioned out loud..

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> History<br>
Jacob Frye, was born on the 9 November 1847, Crawley and only four minutes after his sister Evie. Unfortunately, their mother at the time had died during childbirth which led to the two of them being raised predominantly by their Grandmother. During his childhood, Jacob already begun to show promise as an assassin, by scaling various buildings and creating many a fight. So as soon as the twins were old enough their father, Ethan Frye begun to train them as Assassins. Much unlike his sister, Jacob preferred the idea of 'doing' things rather than learning. It was during that time he perfected his free running by exploring various factories, however he did also tend to gamble in various dens.. leading to yet more brawling.<p>

In 1868, their father passed away and entrusted his children with the task of finding and recovering yet another piece of Eden, an object that was said to contain great power beyond mankind's ability. Shortly after their fathers death the pair set of upon their journey, one that led them to two Templar's. Rupert Ferris and David Brewster, both of which met their fate by Jacob's blade. Once done the pair had plans of travelling to London, only to be scolded by another Assassin, insisting that it was not the path for them. Despite orders, both Evie and Jacob headed towards London intent of liberating the city from Templar hands.<p>

In 1886, the pair arrived in London, Whitechapel. There Jacob and Evie were met with Henry Green, the last remaining Assassin watching over London. Formulating a plan, the trio uncovered the Grand Templar behind London's Opression. Crawford Starrick. In attempt to give London a chance to fight, Jacob suggested they form a gang, one that would offer suitable competition to the blighters (Templar supporters), thus lead the first disagreement between the twins. Evie at this point was intent on recovering the piece of Eden, whilst Jacob wished to take back the city. After following up leads, pertaining to the various Templar agents, Jacob and Evie formed new alliances with one Frederick Abberline, Clara O'Dea and Alexander Graham (an inventor), all of which provided unique services, and connections throughout London.<p>

During one particular mission, in order to liberate Whitechaple from Templar hands. Jacob was met by the local gang leader, whom he engaged in combat and as an outcome, won a train. Travelling to Southwalk, Jacob continued his plight against the Templars as well as his personal goal to create a gang, whilst Evie's head was set upon recovering the Piece of Eden. Uncovering yet more information and leads, Jacob infiltrated many of Starrick's enterprises one in particular involving Starrick's Soothing Syrup which drove many people mad. During his investigation, Jacob met Charles Darwin. Darwin was convinced of foul play, so upon entering the factory it soon became apparent that the Syrup contained Opium, a deadly and addictive substance. With that particular business shut down, Jacob continued on wards all the while rallying the people of London around him, dubbing them 'The Rooks'.<p>

Throughout his travelling around London, Jacob met Pearl Attaway, who proclaimed she was a business competitor against Starrick. Quick to make an alliance the pair discussed a business preposition. From there he went on to eliminate the Millner Company, a rival company of Attayway's. As his business continued with Attaway and after assassinating her rival.. Jacob discovered that Attaway was in fact cousin to Starrick therefore he had been played all along. With this new information learnt Jacob was quick to see Miss Pearl's death. Dealing a significant blow to Starrick in the process.<p>

One by one, Jacob made light work of each target, only to then receive an invitation from Londons' biggest criminal mastermind, Maxwell Roth. Despite his sisters warning, Jacob accepted the invitation and proceeded to Maxwell. There he struck up yet another business deal, one which would further prove to cripple Starrick. After taking out yet another business belonging to Starrick dealing in explosives, and kidnapping three of Starrick's henchman all seemed to be going well. However Jacob later begun to disagree with some of Roth's ideas, particularly one that involved blowing up a factory with innocent children inside. In that moment Jacob ended the partnership, saved the children but acquired Roth's wrath.<p>

Realizing now that Roth was truly no better than a Templar, Jacob paid Roth one last visit only to discover Roth had other plans. After setting the building alight with countless innocents inside, Jacob raced against time to assassinate Roth. Only to make a narrow escape from the flames himself. With such a partnership ended, Jacob focused his attention towards reclaiming London. Eliminating Templar leaders in each area, only to prove successful.<p>

Returning to his sister, in which he received a scolding, news reached them of a ball that was being held at Buckingham Palace. A ball in which Starrick had plans to steal the Piece of Eden, now known as the Shroud. Deciding now was perhaps the perfect opportunity to assassinate Starrick, Jacob along with Evie formulated a plan.<p>

After successfully infiltrating the ball, Jacob sort out the crypt in which the Shroud was hidden. Upon his discovery, Starrick had already claimed the Shroud, a powerful item that granted the wearer almost inhuman strength and the two engaged in battle, Jacob nearly loosing. Thankfully with the help from fellow Assassin's Jacob was able to pin down Starrick as the Shroud was removed, and the opportunity to end his life appeared.<p>

Shortly after the Grand Templer's demise, Jacob along with Evie and Henry were greeted by the queen. There she thanked them for their services and knighted them. No sooner had Jacob and Evie left, did things change. As he had been about to step onto the train, blackness occured and with it a constricting feeling consume him.....

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