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Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad


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Jan 10 2016, 09:01 PM
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Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad

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28 - Assassins - Master Assassin and Mentor



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So this is Altaïr, he's the first one that Desmond managed to get 'in touch' with through the Animus. He was born in Masyaf, Syria, in 1165, during the Holy Crusade, and at first, he was a reckless, brash, arrogant assassin that had a lot of promise when it came to his talents, but who needed a major wake-up call to become the man he became later on. In fact, it was only when he broke the three tenets of the order during a mission to retrieve an artifact at Solomon's Temple. Stripped of his title of Master Assassin and going back to novice, Altaïr had to go through a lot in order to learn about the life of an Assassin in the Brotherhood, gain the respect of his Brothers and obtain the position of leader and mentor. <p>
Of course, now he's finding himself in modern-day London with no clue where he is, how he got there and more importantly, how does to get back! Not only, he must also figure out what is truly going on, so maybe that will give him the path back home.<p>

<div class="hug">friends</div><p>

Altaïr is a wise man who is also charismatic and a born leader. He considers anyone in the Brotherhood his family, in a way or another. They are a 'Brotherhood' after all. When he manages to figure out that the Brotherhood is still alive in modern days, he will look for it, and he will do his best to integrate himself with them all. But... he can be very private and very cautious with who he actually befriends. That's not to say he wouldn't have them, though. He probably would. And he's actually a very good friend.

<p><div class="hug">enemies</div><p>
Templars, anyone backing the templars up. Basically, he fights for freedom, he has since he became an Assassin. Anyone stopping that would have problems with him. And Altaïr, despite actually having the peculiar habit of giving his targets time to speak before he kills them, he never really stops unless they are indeed innocents or they don't need to die. So he's not a good enemy to have. <p>

<p><div class="hug">lovers</div><p>

Not on his mind right now. He is considered a handsome man and the whole mystery bit about him could make women come to him and while he indeed likes women, he's a serious man who will one day marry, have children and have a family that way. At this point in his life he hasn't met with Maria yet, he has fallen in love with Adha and avenged her death (quite ruthlessly so too). So... very unlikely that he will bother with it in present times (besides... if anything forces him to stay in the present and not go back to meet Maria, get married and have children, Desmond won't exist, since, you know, ancestral and all that... hah!). <p>
Granted, if there WERE a Maria in present times, things could be different. AND MUCH more complicated.

</div><div style="width:440px; text-align: right;"><a href="http://z10.invisionfree.com/CAUTIONTOTHEWIND/index.php?showuser=64637" " TARGET="_BLANK" style="font-family: palatino; font-size: 5pt; text-transform: uppercase; color: #2E2E2E; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: right">sweet summer child</a> </div>

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Jan 9 2016, 11:31 PM
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Altaïr Ibn La'Ahad

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January 11th, 1165

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12th Century

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<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Personality<br>
<i><b>"I understand now that our creed does not command us to be free; it commands us to be wise.</i></b><p>

It's hard to define the man known as Altaïr with only a few words. His personality is very dependable on what period of his life we want to look at. At first, when nothing but a young Assassin, he was brash, impulsive and even a little reckless, if only because he believed so much in what he thought needed to be done that he would not think of the consequences. He was rebellious, arrogant, believed that there was no other assassins as skilled as he was, and tended to jump into action before listening to the opinion of others. One could say such behavior stemmed from the fact that he knew just how skilled he truly was and tended to overlook the worth and skill of others. <p>
But after the failure at Solomon's temple during a mission for the Brotherhood, Altaïr's behavior began to change. He realized that there was more to the Creed than just being good at what he did. He began to see the world through different eyes, especially when tossed back into the ranking of a Novice due to his impulsive nature. It was a lesson to be learned, yes, yet this lesson was much more for Altaïr than simply finding his way into the ranks once more - it was a lesson in humility and understanding of the world and what it would take to succeed in what was his mission. <p>
It was a different Altaïr that ended the mission and regained his title of Master Assassin: if at first all he had was his brash and impulsive ways, and an arrogance that threatened to blind him and cancelled the advantage given by his superb skills, he became wiser and more of a blend of his skills and confidence, coupled with a more calm, almost cold nature. There were times, however, that the anger found in his intense nature got the best of him, and he returned, albeit briefly, to the behavior of old. <p>
Yet, despite it all, Altaïr was a born leader, captivating and with a voice of command that made it so that those with him automatically associated him with a place of command. He was charismatic, and managed to lead with a great skill - the only detriment to his natural talent for leadership, especially in his early years as a young assassin, was the impulsiveness and lack of planning. Even at an early age, he was successful as a leader, being the head of several battles that ensured the victory of the Assassins. <p>
The experience he received with his punishment managed to make him a rather cold assassin when it came to their missions. He would, however, always hear his victims, hear his words as he believed each and every word granted to those that were near death would bring him wisdom. He believed it was their right to speak, and even when sometimes what they said brought a certain state of confusion to the assassin, he took the information and evaluated it himself, with the keen intelligence that he possessed. <p>
Altaïr was the clear evidence of how experience can bring a man to be truly at the top of his potential. And in his case, it meant quite a lot.

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Skills & Abilities <br>
Altaïr was considered one of the most skilled assassins of all time. As a precursor to the Assassins that came after him, many still remember his legacy until this day and age. As a master assassin, Altaïr is vell-versed in several different assassination techniques, stealth, acrobatic moves, hand-to-hand combat and different weapons such as swords, daggers, knives and hidden blades. He’s also been extensively trained in eavesdropping, pickpocketing, interrogation techniques, he studied politics and diplomacy which he used sometimes in negotiation. He’s also very well-versed in human anatomy, which he used to determine the lethal areas of a human’s body or understand breathing and heartbeat upon feeling/hearing it.<p>
Altaïr also has one skill that is called ‘eagle-vision’, some sort of intuition, sixth-sense-like ability that allows him to sense someone’s true intentions when focused upon that particular skill of his. It was more of an innate gift than something he acquired through training, which allowed him to become one of the deadliest assassins of his time and a legendary name among the Order.<p>
Aside from his combat techniques, Altaïr is a great artist when it came to drawing and illustration, something that he left behind on his Codex. As for his outfit, as a Master Assassin he wore white robes with a cowl that covered much of his head, a red sash and hidden sheaths that he used to store his longsword, his dagger and a special mechanism hidden within his sleeves that would trigger the hidden blade, a single one. In fact, Altaïr’s left hand has his ring finger amputated – by his own will- so the actual blade can come forward without hindrance.
He speaks English, French, Arabian and a few other Middle-Eastern languages.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Equipment<br><p>
Master Assassin Garb: white Order robes with a red sash around his waist, a protective cowl that allows his face to be somewhat concealed. <p>
Weapons: Longsword, Crossbow, short blade, throwing daggers and one single hidden blade that is activated on his left arm.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Role Play Sample<br>
It did not matter how much time had passed and how many times he had done this, the simple act of perching on the highest point of a city, overviewing everything from above as if they were miniatures upon a table. It was not to say that there weren't peaceful days for an Assassin, they were just few and in-between; their duties taking control of their lives as he believed it was meant to be. He perched and his eyes narrowed behind his cowl, hand carefully gripping the sides of the ledge as he looked as people just simply walked in their daily lives without realizing that eyes could be always upon them. It was a strange sensation of power, one that would have overwhelmed him and controlled him, blinding him to the truth, but he had grown, he had learned, he had lost and won, and now bore the marks of experience within his eyes, despite the fact he was still young, in perspective. But age meant nothing, age was simply a number. What truly mattered was what was done in those few years that one had to live. And for him, it was plenty. <p>
Altaïr knew that the city now trusted him - their loyalty earned with every drop of sweat and carefully-planned moves. He had broken the tenet before, all three of them, he had earned his punishment and with all that he went through, he learned. And his cunning mind and superb talents made it so that he was able to prove to his brothers that there was a way to be victorious without breaking their Creed. And that was when the man who was a Master Assassin at twenty-four became a leader and a Mentor once again. <p>
Yet his job would never be done, as it was impossible for an Assassin to claim as much. It was just a matter of time, and he was fully aware of it, and waited patiently for the moment where his skills would have to be put to use once more. But as daylight became scarse, it was time to return to his quarters, and so, standing up, he opened his arms, closed his eyes and jumped. <p>
It was not even necessary to look at where he was landing - Altaïr knew this city with his eyes closed, by now. <p>
A few minutes later, he found himself alone, parchment and quill in hand as he wrote down words that he hoped would remain to his descendants. Children that he would one day have, grand-children, the grandchildren of his grandchildren. Words that he hoped would bring wisdom to those that would carry his blood. But there was nothing he could do as he felt the strange energies pulling him as a vortex he could not resist, and as the quill fell on the floor, Altaïr had no idea what was waiting for him on the other side. <p>
His life, once more, would be changed.


<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> History<br>
Altaïr was born on Masyaf, Syria, on January 11th, 1165, during a very turbulent period in the area called the Holy Land. He himself was a of mixed heritage: his mother, Maud, was a Christian assassin who had married a Muslim assassin named Umar Ibn La'Ahad. He was, however, not destined to know his mother - she would die during childbirth, leaving Umar to raise young Altaïr by himself, therefore, granting him no siblings. <p>
His younger life, however, was not easy or without trouble. At the age of eleven, Altaïr would witness the death of his father, executed by the Saracens for the death of one of their Noblemen. The memory of his father's death would remain engraved in Altaïr's mind for a long time, as he, nothing but a child, frantically called for his father as he watched him being killed. An assassin of their own order was the responsible for betraying Altaïr's father, and struck with grief, he invaded Altaïr's quarters and killed himself with a dagger after apologizing for being weak. <p>
At that point, none of the Assassin's knew of the true nature of Al Mualim, their leader. And so, Altaïr, not even suspecting of the truth behind their leader, ran to him to share the information given to him by Ahmad Sofian, his father's traitor. But Al Mualim knew that Ahmad's son would soon become Altaïr's partner in training, and so, he advised the young assassin not to share that information. The leader of the Levantine Assassins had become, after the death of his biological father, his only father figure as he grew up, and it was only after his adult years that Altaïr would realize that Al Mualim's love for him was hardly without reasons, or even honest. Despite it all, he and Abbas became good friends as they grew up, and often were there for one another. Eventually, however, after noticing how badly Abbas was suffering over his father, Altaïr decided to follow his own instincts and told him the truth, how he had suicided over the guilt about having betrayed Altaïr's father. And the next day, after long silences throughout their training, Abbas asked for real swords, and fueled with rage, lashed it out on his best friend, claiming he had lied about his father's death. When Abbas had the upper hand over Altaïr, holding a sword to his throat, Altaïr used his strategy and his intelligence perhaps for the first time, giving Abbas what he wanted to hear: that he had indeed lied. The two of them spent a month in the dungeons together, only to resume their training once they were out. However, Abbas was deemed to have committed more serious offenses, and so, he was sent back to training for another years, and Altaïr, instead, was finally made an Assassin. At some point during his training, once he was given the hidden blade, he sacrificed his ring finger on the left hand in order to be able to use the blade - something that showed his drive and his dedication to the Assassin's cause.<p>
It was during a trick assault of Masyaf by the Templars that Altaïr would earn the rights to become a Master Assassin, at only 24, making him the youngest Master Assassin up to date. Aided by a double-agent called Haras, who pretended to be an ally of the Assassins, the Templars launched their assault on Masyaf and reaching up to the Assassin's Fortress, trapping Al Mualim inside. After aiding the locals, Altaïr met with Abbas and ordered him to flank and distract the Templars, while he made his own way to the Fortress to rescue their leader. Using his quick strategy abilities, he managed to kill Haras and save Al Mualim and the rest of the Assassins as they drove their assault back. <p>
That success made it so that Altaïr earned Al Mualim's respect, and became a Master Assassin at the age of 24. <p>
Altaïr would go on several missions after becoming a Master Assassin, his success and his skills making it so that his arrogance would shine through. He slowly became over-confident and underestimating of his enemies, who were, to him, less skilled than himself, and due to the fact that Altaïr's own skills were indeed greater than those he met, it only served to fuel that arrogant behavior. The change in his life, however, would come with the mission at Solomon's Temple. <p>

The Holy Land in the middle of war, the Assassins were tasked with a mission to retrieve an artifact from the Templars at Solomon's Temple. Together with Malik and Kadar Al-Sayf, brothers, Altaïr took the mission lightly, and was confident that his abilities would bring them to the completion of the task. Yet, in his blindness driven by his arrogance, Altaïr broke two of the tenets of the Assassin's Creed: The first, as he killed an innocent elderly man simply because he assumed he could have alerted the guards as they went by. His friends warned him of it, but Altaïr dismissed their advice, as he was sure in his conviction and believed so blindly that his skills would have sufficed. Upon seeing Templar Robert de Sable, Altaïr acted without thinking, and recklessly exposed himself to the enemy, breaking a second tenet and risking the safety of not only his companions, but the Brotherhood itself. His idea was that once exposed, the only way was to assassinate the Great Master of the Templars - a mission that he failed and overwhelmed, he had no chance but to run, leaving his teammates alone to deal with the Templars, and returning to Masyaf with a failure to his name. <p>
And indeed, Al Mualim was not kind in his response to Altaïr's confession, and once Malik returned, with the artifact they were meant to recover, but without his brother and with an injured arm that would most likely never recover, it was when the true consequence of Altaïr's acts could be seen. But there was not much time left, as before Al Mualim's decision could be made, Masyaf was attacked once more by the Templars. <p>
It was an overwhelming attack, with several deaths of innocent inhabitants and the attempt of a castle besiege. Altaïr took that as a chance of redemption for his mistakes at the Temple, and fought until he was defeated, and believing there was indeed no chance of victory, he retreated back to the fortress, noticing the Templars were overwhelming them. But together with other two assassins, he led the defense of the Fortress, and through a Leap of Faith, he managed to sneak behind the Templars and with the cunning of using his environment, unleashed tree logs onto the Templar army, crushing many of them and driving the remaining ones away. <p>
With the death of a Brother, it meant that Altaïr had broken all three tenets of the Creed, and therefore, was deemed a traitor to the Creed and stabbed with a dagger by Al Mualim. But that was only an illusion so he could have his first lesson. Altaïr woke up days later and when faced with their leader, he was then stripped of rank, weapons and possession, and the young Master Assassin was tossed back into a novice rank, in which he would be given the chance to prove himself again to return to what his former rank once was. <p>
Granted the task to kill nine individuals that were considered corruptors of the land and thus securing peace, Altaïr went on his quest to redeem himself. Missions in Masyaf, Acre, Jerusalem, Damascus were successful, and he returned to Masyaf to speak with Al Mualim. The leader of the assassins finally explained to his student the meaning of the Peace of Eden - an item, magical in nature, that was temptation given form. The Templars sought peace through force, by using the artifact, while the Assassins believed in free will. Altaïr then realized that Robert would have to die in order for the Templars' quest to be over. And during a confrontation in Jerusalem, believing he had indeed defeated Robert, Altaïr removed the helm, only to realize that the one he had defeated was a woman in disguise, who revealed to him that Robert had used the time Altaïr lost fighting a decoy to travel to Arsuf in a quest to unite Saracens and Crusaders in an alliance against the Assassins. Altaïr showed his changed nature with all the experiences as a novice, and spared her life as she was not who he had to kill. <p>
Despite the efforts to avoid the alliance being pointless, Altaïr finally managed to confront Robert de Sable, and being successful, he gave the Grand Master a lethal blow. But the worst was still to come, as Robert, in his dying seconds, revealed to Altaïr that Al Mualim was a Templar using him and his brother assassins as pawns as he attempted to retrieve the Piece of Eden for himself. And so, Altaïr returned to Masyaf to confront his master. <p>
Upon arriving there, all the villagers seemed to be in a strange hypnotic state, as if brainwashed to believe Al Mualim was the one that led them to the light. As he progressed through Masyaf, he was attacked by Assassins that seemed to be under the same kind of strange control, doing Al Mualim's bidding. With the aid of Malik, they managed to get through the hoard of assassins that attacked them, and as he finally found Al Mualim, he ended up captured and trapped by the Apple's powers. It was then that Al Mualim revealed that he had used the Apple to eliminate the Crusader's leaders and put the inhabitants into a state of mind control which was, in his opinion, the only way to secure true peace. Using the mystical powers of the Apple, Al Mualim summoned the illusion of the nine Templars that Altaïr had successfully slayed during this quest for redemption, and all of them attacked him. Yet, he was victorious, and seeing that, Al Mualim took matters into his own hands, making copies of himself in his attempt to defeat Altaïr. After a long battle, the Assassin was victorious over the Master, only to realize that there were other Pieces of Eden scattered around the world. <p>
After Al Mualim's death, Altaïr held a funeral but afraid that the Apple's powers could somehow bring him back to life, decided to burn the body. Despite his attempts of explanation, Abbas, other Assassins and Masyaf villagers were outraged and attacked him. But there were those that were loyal to him, however, and so, he managed to hold his own, yet, distracted, he did not notice as Abbas snuck out and got a hold of the Apple. But its powers were too much for him to control, and they began draining his life and that of other assassins. Altaïr managed to defeat Abbas and regain control of the Apple, yet he wondered if this artifact truly possessed the power of teaching knowledge or if its only purpose was to bring them to their destruction. Eventually, Altaïr managed to win the trust of all the Assassins after he showed his ability of not breaking the Assassin's Creed, even when faced against his own Brothers. <p>
It was during this time that he once more managed to rise within the ranks of the Brotherhood, gaining their loyalty and their admiration. But as he spent more time designing new forms of assassination, he glanced at his own cut finger and figured that it was a sacrifice that should not be necessary. So he redesigned the hidden blade to avoid that, and allowed the use of poison once more by using the hidden blade as a way of delivering it. It was also during this time that he became a Mentor. <p>
There were several other important feats that Altaïr, he became a leader in his own right, an inventor that managed to bring several improvements to the Assassin's methods, he managed to learn how to 'tame' the Piece of Eden to only draw small amounts with a focused mind in order to gain knowledge enough to be able to help his Brothers, he fell in love, he got married and had children, and yet, after his wife's death, he became more secluded, more of a loner. <p>
But all of it would not matter. <p>
Events on the future opened a rift that brought the Syrian Assassin to the future, more specifically the 21st century, right after he became a Mentor and a leader to the Assassins once more. As he found himself writing on his Codex, he was engulfed by a strange portal that tossed him onto a city he did not know or recognize, and a time that was not his.

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