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Credits for the premise and characters of Assassin's Creed are given to Ubisoft and Gameloft. Banner and ACR themed graphics done by Mel.

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» The Plot
 Posted: Jan 6 2016, 09:14 PM
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-faint crackle vibrates in your ear -

Subject Test. Subject identified.

This is the year 2016. Present day, London. Time has changed. You are here as a result of a experimental incident carried out by Abstergo industries involving a Piece of Eden, combined with the unusual electrical surges around the globe caused by the earths magnetic field.

The time continuum has reached fragile. Rips through time are being created casting many a historical figure into the present day London. Including your ancestors.

Warning: Civilians have joined the plight although remain oblivious to the true cause. We have yet to determine if this the work of a Piece of Eden or if it a coincidence. Many have fallen, yet many continue to align themselves with the assassins and Templar's.

Sequence downloaded...

You must pick a side. The Assassin's and fight to preserve mankind, Templars continue their conquest in their vision of freedom. The fight against good and evil has reached it's climax. Templars and Assassin's battle head to head in search for the next pieces of Eden (for more information about the pieces of Eden go here)

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skin created by miss texas. at caution 2.0.