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» Caesar, Gaius Julius, Templar | Historical
Gaius Julius Caesar
 Posted: Jan 10 2016, 04:33 AM
The evil men do lives after them. The good is oft interred with their bones
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Ancient Rome
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Gaius Julius Caesar
July 25th, 100 BC
Ancient Rome
Gaius Julius Caesar is a name of legends. It wasn't for nothing that he remained in history as one of the most important historical figures the world has ever seen. Caesar is, all in all, a strategist, a brilliantly gifted man with a superior IQ who knew exactly what his talents were and how to use them. Very pragmatic, Caesar always tends to see all sides of a situation before deciding which action to take. There are very few that can match his strategic prowess and his ability of coming up with plans on a whim, and his superior intelligence has always worked on his favour, either to make sure that victory was on his side, or to convince others of what he believed was right.

Caesar is a brilliant orator, having a very gifted way with words, captivating people with his speeches. That is a natural gift, one that he honed through the years of being a Priest of Jupiter, and that he used during the time he was the ruler of Rome. Despite his strength of character and his definitely imposing figure, he is a man who protected all that he held dear, be that his family or Rome itself. Relentless, he never cowered before danger or avoided obstacles, and even when Caesar happened to be in disadvantage, he stood confident and even daring, arrogant some would say, because he simply knew that sooner or later, a solution would come to him.

Arrogance, however, was a matter of opinion. Some could say that Caesar was indeed arrogant and that created him enemies, but others would say that it was simply his own confidence about what he was capable of. There weren’t many that managed to defeat him, and he carried that around him as a badge of honour. Rome prospered under his command, and in his protectiveness, he centralised power because he knew no one else would be able to do what he did as well as he did. Confident, powerful, self-assured, those are words that can be used to describe the one considered one of the most important figures of all History.

Skills & Abilities
Brilliant strategist, perhaps the best one the world has ever seen, he is capable of devising plans in a very short period of time, or in the middle of battle. He can change strategies while in combat, as the situation develops, making him able to adapt quickly to any situation. Caesar is also a formidable writer, and has several works to his name, mostly stories of his incursions within Gallia.

When it comes to battle skills, he’s a very powerful close combat fighter, a superb swordmaster like very few, and a master of horse riding. He is proficient in most bladed weapons and also bows, spears and shields.

Roman General Armor: A set of highly protective metal armor with the design that was exclusively for commanders and Generals in the Roman Army. Includes his helmet

Gladius: His battle sword, made of the finest materials from Ancient Rome.

Shield: Also made of the best materials from Ancient Rome.

Role Play Sample

He didn’t expect his return to be uneventful. In fact, part of him, the part that enjoyed the attention towards him, the part that missed that part of his life where he had been the one to rule the Roman lands, the one and sole leader of a nation in its prime, a conqueror in his own right, was happy to see how things had unfolded. Deep down he believed he was worth of no other reception than an eventful one, and he had received just that. It was, in the end, easier than he had thought, for he understood and knew that Maximus would have recognized him on spot, the only one that could, really, at least as who he claimed to be. Gaius Julius Caesar, the Dictator of Rome..

Making his way towards the Templars headquarters, he nodded at the guard who no longer saw fit to stop him. A satisfied smile appeared on his lips as he simply patted the man’s back. ”I apologise for the rough handling of you I had to do yesterday. But you understand I had a purpose now, do you not?”

The security nodded. ”They say you’re allowed in, you’re allowed in. I only follow orders here.”

”Where is your ambition, soldier? Perhaps one day you could reach high, yet, with such small thoughts, you will be nothing but a front security guard.” He clasped the much younger man’s shoulder, letting out a chuckle. "But if you believe that all there is to your life is to remain a front security guard, then by all means, continue doing so.”

The guard seemed to look at him in curiosity, but said nothing at all. It was Caesar’s voice that was heard once more. ”Say, is the Icenian in or is she out for duties of any kind?”

”Ms. Caistor is in, yes. She’s…”

”Tell me no more.” He raised a hand to stop the man from speaking any further. ”I will find her. And no, I do not wish to be announced.” Another glance towards the receptionist and hostess as she moved one step towards the lift that took to the highest floors. Upon a glance from Caesar himself,  she took the step back and nodded, lowering her head in respect.

”Ms. Caistor will not be happy with your unannounced visit.”

Caesar grinned and nodded. ”This is exactly what I hope.”

With eyes wide open, the  woman nodded as he moved towards the lift, shaking his head and disappearing from view, using the stairs instead. Arriving at the top floors where the offices were, including Maximus, he made no point of greeting him, not yet. Simply stopping in front of her door, he paused to listen for a while, before opening the door and crossing his muscular arms on his chest.

”Since you obviously made no point in coming to greet me, I decided to break the ice and do it myself. I figured it would be another many years before you made the first move. And while I am a patient man, my patient is, however, not everlasting. So, here I am.” Taking a few steps, he disregarded anything she might have been doing – perhaps a behaviour that he accentuated on purpose – and walked to sit on one of the comfortable chairs. If she thought she could be rid of him that easily, she was gravely mistaken. If at all, he’d make a point to be constantly in her life. Not only he was her elder, but he was perhaps the most ancient of the Templars that had made it through the portal. It was only his right.


  • 100 BC -Gaius Julius Caesar was born in Ancient Rome, son of Aurelia Cotta and Gaius Julius Caesar, from the union of two prestigious bloodlines, his father's family rumored to be direct descendants of Aeneas and Venus herself.

  • Father died when Caesar was 16, which made him become the family's paterfamilias, the one in charge of providing for his mother and sisters.

  • Became a Priest of Jupiter (Flamen Dialis)at a young age, as only prestigious men from patrician families could.

  • At seventeen, he aided his uncle, Gaius Marius against Lucius Cornelius Sulla in their civil war, using his position as Flamen Dialis as his asset.

  • Married Cornelia Cinna, the only woman he truly loved, out of a convenience marriage when he was 18.

  • Sulla regained power and stripped Caesar of his inheritance due to Caesar's previous aid to his uncle in defeating Sulla years before, taking away Caesar's wife's dowry and his priesthood, which would mean he'd have to divorce Cornelia or be sentenced to death. Caesar refused to comply and exiled himself so he wouldn't have to lose his wife. Daughter Juia was one year old.

  • During his exile, he discovered his family's Templar heritage, and initiated within the Order.

  • 78 BC - Sulla was defeated and Caesar managed to return home, yet had no money to his name, forcing him and his wife to live in modest arrangements at the suburbs instead of their old Villa.

  • Became a part of the Roman Army, travelling to battle and spending little time at home with his wife and child.

  • Got captured by pirates at the Aegean Sea, which initially demanded twenty talents of silver. Caesar laughed and told them that he was worth 50, then threatened to have them all crucified under his authority upon returning to Rome. Once the ransom came and Caesar was a free man, he slit the pirates' throat and crucified their corpses at Rome.

  • 69 BC - Elected Tribune for his military exploits. A few years later, he'd rise to Quaestor.
  • Lost his wife Cornelia during childbirth as she gave birth to a stillborn son. Caesar raised an oration for her in the Rostra, an honor reserved only to those important figures that died heroically in battle, thus breaking the rules as he saw fit.

  • Went to Spain for a Templar mission, disguising it as another battle for conquest of territories.

  • Remarried with Pompeia, despite not truly loving her, as a way of political advance. Pompeia was the daughter of a high Templar officer who also held plenty of power in Rome.

  • Was defeated by Vercingetorix, and then later on learned from his defeat and managed to win against the Gauls by devising a strategy that left them starving and without water, forcing them to surrender. Granted Vercingetorix a swift death in honor of his prowess.

  • Made Rome's first incursion into the British Isles.

  • Retreated to Egypt, knowing and becoming Cleopatra's lover.

  • Created the first Triumvirate, together with Pompey and Crassus - all three of them members of the Templar Order. Later the Triumvirate would be dissolved and Caesar would declare himself Dictator of Rome, the previous incarnation of what would become the Roman Empire.

    Eventually, the story would continue. At 49 BC Caesar would cross the Rubicon, in his own civil war against former ally Pompey, causing a schism within the Templar Order. Later, at 44 BC, he would die, stabbed 23 times by 60 people at the Senate, yet the true lethal stab was given by an Assassin: Marcus Junius Brutus. The threat of a Templar-run Rome was gone with Caesar's death.

    Yet, he found himself alive, somehow, back to his younger age of 30, in a world and time that didn't belong to him. London, it was, or Londinium as it used to be called. It took Caesar a few months to completely adapt to such new surroundings, but now that he knows the world he's in is the future, he will strive to continue his work just as he did back in Rome. Once a Templar, always a Templar. Once an Emperor, always an Emperor.

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 Posted: Jan 10 2016, 05:25 PM
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