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Ezio Auditore da Firenze


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ezio auditore da firenze

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June 24, 1459

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Italian Renaissance

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<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Personality<br>
"Touch passion when it comes your way. It's rare enough as it is. Don't walk away when it calls you by name."
Having come from a well lived life, Ezio is not one to pass up on the smaller and more finer pleasures in life. If he can spare a moment he will take it to enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed living it to its fullest and enjoying what pleasures may come his way, particularly when it comes to the company of another.
Of course having the life of an Assassin thrust upon him those moments to touch passion are a little more rare than they used to be, but his life is not one that he regrets. Ezio would be the first to admit that he has made some mistakes in his life but he is not one to dwell upon them; he has learned to take them, use them, allow them to mold him, and learn from them.
Ezio is a man of focus and conviction, when he has decided upon something there is little that will waver him from that decision. He can be a very stubborn man and is unwavering in his opinion or his tasks that lay before him. When there is something to be done he will see it through and very little will stop him or stand in his way.
This unwavering determination can cause some to view Ezio as a man who is cold and uncaring but that is certainly not the case. He is a very thoughtful and considerate person caring for those who are near to him and desiring to put them first. When it comes to family or those close to him, he will not hesitate to put them first. He is also nothing short of a gentleman, always willing and ready to help a lady in distress. Of course, helping a lady in distress has a few certain perks at times but that is another matter for another time.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Skills & Abilities <br>
Ezio is well trained in stealth. He has learned the skills of blending into a crowd and becoming close to invisible with in a crowed. He is also swift and agile. It was said when he was a young boy he was the fastest man in Florence. He may not be as fast as he once was but he is still agile and quick on his feet and will give anyone chasing him a run for their money.
In addition to his stealth and speed, Ezio is trained in the use of a cutlass and hidden blade, both being his preferred weapon of choice. He can shoot a musket when needed but is not overly familiar with the device and he is decent with a cross bow. If forced to the point of having no weapons Ezio is also well skilled in fisticuffs knowing how to disarm a man in such a situation as well. <p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Equipment<br>
Ezio is not bringing much with him. His armor was destroyed in the attack on Monteriggioni. He lost most everything save for a sword and his hidden blade.<p>

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> Role Play Sample<br>
AT A groan escaped Ezio's lips as he stirred there on the cold wet ground.  It was hard and smooth all at once, and the rain was pouring down.  The sounds that surrounded him were foreign and new, they didn't make sense.  He tried to blink his eyes blearily the rain distorting his vision all the more as he tried to gather his thoughts.
Roma, he was heading for Roma, he had to stop Rodrigo and get the apple back. Ezio tried to push up but found himself met with searing pain in side and shoulder.  The memories of being shot and fighting in Monteriggioni flooded his mind but that was of little matter at the moment, Claudia and his mother were safe and he - he had to keep moving.  He had been running on adrenaline before now it was a matter of sheer force of will to force himself up.  A suppressed yet audible shout of pain escaped his lips as he tried to take in his surroundings.
There was not much around him save for a distant light in the dark that wasn't a lantern and stone walls on either side of him.  What was this place?  Ezio would have thought himself dead if it weren't for the fact that if an after life were real he doubted he would be in this much pain and he doubted the fact of an after life at all.  Once you were dead that was the end.  This left him to conclude that he wasn't dead, and if he were this was some shitty existence. 
Mustering up what strength he could, Ezio slowly worked his way to a standing position his injured arm close to his body and he forced one foot in front of the other slowly but surely.  He faltered on occasion thankful for the wall the lean upon on occasion.  Certainly he had passed out but this was not where he once was.  He needed to know more and so he followed the direction of the lights beyond the strange device that was unlike any lantern he had seen before and the sounds.  Among the strange noises were the sounds of people and he hoped that maybe just maybe he could find some help among them, but he was ready, well as ready as he could be considering his condition.  He still had a sword and his hidden blade.  He would make do with what he had and what little strength he had if necessary but he hoped he would not have to call on that but simply find a kind soul who could direct him to a doctor so he could seek out bandages for his wounds and some medicine.  He was certain he still had some Florins in his pocket to pay for such services.

<font style="color:330000; font-size:10px;">✖ </font> History<br>
Life for Ezio was never really truly easy, he may have been born into a life of privilege but even the start of his life was a struggle. When Ezio Auditore da Firenze was born it was questioned if he would live and survive. Yet his father Giovanni was not one to give up and accept his child was dead and through his encouragement Ezio fought for a life that some might have thought was lost. Since that day Ezio was always one to be found fighting.
Growing up Ezio was a spirited young man always getting into things that he shouldn't be and doing things that he shouldn't as well. The young boy had a love for life and lived it to it's fullest, his interests moving from getting into trouble to girls and getting into trouble. In addition to that Ezio grew up with a closeness with his family always being there for them when they needed him.
At least that was the case until he was about sixteen when he tried to be there for his father and brothers but couldn't. He did everything in his power to get them freed and yet he witnessed them being publicly hung. He had to sneak to rescue the bodies to be able to bury them properly and then flee his home with his mother and sister as he had become a wanted man.
Being young and brash, Ezio was ready to forget his past life and move his mother and sister to a new home. Yet his uncle Mario wanted more from him, wanted him to become an assassin like his father and fight for justice. At first he wasn't sure about the whole thing but was convinced to stay for a while to learn how to better fight and protect his mother and sister. As he learned to fight he learned about the Assassins and their Creed.
At first he wasn't convinced but his commitment to family is what finally drew him in. His Uncle went San Gimignano to stop the attacks that were happening on Monteriggioni which was very much his fault. It was the first step toward becoming part of the order and he took on a quest to stop a Pazzi conspiracy and finding those responsible for killing his father and brothers. It was a long frustrating ten years of waiting and searching.
When he finally neared the end of his search he came in contact with a Piece of Eden and questioned the prophecy that went with it to discover that he was that Prophet that was spoken of and those he had grown to know and work with were Assassins who then inducted him officially into the order that night.
Eventually with the Codex pages and the Apple, Ezio was able to discover the location of the vault. Unfortunately Rogrigo Borgia had become pope to gain access to the papal staff which was another Piece of Eden. Additionally the vault was located beneath the Vatican. Thus Ezio went in and faced Rodgrigo but wound up sparing his life and meeting with the goddess Minerva who spoke to a phantom named Desmond and spoke in riddles that he did not understand. He was left with many questions, but answers had to wait as he was forced to fight his way out of Basilica di San Pietro. Once out, he meant to drop the apple into the Thames but did not, and returned to Monteriggioni where he received a warm welcome, glad to be done with his quest.
Yet fate had other things in mind for him as Cesare Borgia attacked Monteriggioni and killed his Uncle Mario. It was there that he was shot as he fought to protect his family and those of Monteriggioni. He ensured that his mother and sister were safe before heading on toward Rome per the 'invitation' of Cesare. Yet in route he passed out only to awaken and find himself in a strange new world.

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